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vti vu+duo imajlari

Discussion in 'Resmi olmayan imajlar' started by levi, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. levi

    levi Moderator

    Neues VTi "Vu+Duo Team Image" - v. 5.0.0 - 11.12.2012 OE 1.6
    * dvbapp2: 11.12.2012
    * drivers: 25.10.2012 (09.11.2012 Solo²)
    * plugins: 11.12.2012
    --> changes from Vu+ : http://code.vuplus.com

    * added to image
    - AutoShutDown plugin
    * added to download feed
    - EMC 3.6.6beta (2012-12-05)
    * updated packages
    - openvpn (ver. 2.2.2)
    - switch WLAN drivers from rt3070 to rt5572
    - update WLAN drivers r8192cu (
    * kernel
    - added kernel modules for netfilter dscp target and mangle modules
    * dvbapp2
    - show icons in timer list
    - enable REC button for managing all timers (not only instant records)
    - press REC button long for showing a list of all running timers
    - enable REC button functions at playback (MoviePlayer e.g. EMC)
    - add option for deleting finished timers automatically
    - add option to priories feed updates (opkg option --force-overwrite)
    - language menu shows only installed languages
    - VTiZerO and VTi BackupSuite integrated into startup wizard
    - package split for dvbapp2 package to reduce required update space
    - bugfix "silent rec mode" (timer action "DeepStandby" works again"
    - update cs translation (THX @Roxy)
    * VTiPanel
    - restructure of menu
    - VTiZerO: option to recover removed packages
    - image backup: backup is not saved to /media/hdd anymore by default (only to configured backup path)
    - show hdd temperature independent of device /dev/sdX
  2. Benslim

    Benslim Vu+ Newbie

  3. ali piri

    ali piri Vu+ Newbie

    merhaba lutfen yeni openspa imeag vuduoya istiyorum tashakkurler
  4. levi

    levi Moderator

    Merhaba dostum burada sadece black hole imaj verilir digerleri hakkinda sadece bilgi alisverisi yapilir

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