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Changing only splash screen

Discussion in 'Vu+ Duo2 Black Hole Images' started by Alexwilmac, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. lucaxx88

    lucaxx88 Vu+ User

    Yes and not work.

    I try also on a Vu + zero but nothing...(it's different on zero?)
  2. -=DREAMCS=-

    -=DREAMCS=- Vu+ Newbie

    how can v change it in VU+zero
  3. bsod

    bsod Vu+ Newbie

    Probably way too late, but make sure the filename is in lowercase. Unix differentiates between upper and lowercase filenames, so Splash_cfe_auto.bin is NOT the same as spash_cfe_auto.bin.

  4. AlexWilMac

    AlexWilMac Moderator

    Some months ago I had changed my splash screen and I'm almost sure I used not a 720x576 .bmp file but a larger one.
    Afterwards I installed in flash BH and this replaced the splash screen.
    Now I wanted to put back that splash screen but it seems I can use only a 720x576 (or 720x480) file but the result is obviously a scaled image. Maybe it's me to be wrong, but I remembered that that splash was sharper.
    Is it possible to use a more defined file?
  5. raboha

    raboha Vu+ Newbie

    i hve this probleme in zero 4k
    SPLASH: Old format file in flash. Use splash_create_flash_file to create newer format
    Loaded BMP: W=1920 H=1080
    how i can do it ?
  6. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vip

    How to make and change the splash screen!

    1- first you need a picture in .bmp format (picture.bmp).
    2- it has to be in format 720x480 and 24 bit.
    3- if we have it, it's need to be renamed to splash_cfe_auto.bin
    (just rename* the picture.bmp in to splash_cfe_auto.bin) (like this is wrong: splash_cfe_auto.bin.bmp)

    If you have trouble renaming because of Windows dont show file extension name just use Filezilla to rename

    3- copy the file to an empty USB stick FAT32 formatted in the following folder, depending on the box:
    /vuplus/your box/
    (example: /vuplus/solose/splash_cfe_auto.bin)

    4-now you can flash it on your box - the same way, like you are flashing images
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  7. Gold_66

    Gold_66 Vu+ User

    Thanks for this helpful post, I think it should be made sticky somewhere on the front page.
    Just one little suggestion though, yellow fonts are almost unreadable when using white theme as seen in the attached pic, unless the complete sentence has been selected with mouse.
    Preferably blue, or any other color would be fine to highlight some parts. ;)

  8. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vip

    Sorry i am using default skin of the forum and that is black and grey where yellow looks good ;)

    But i have taken notice and will not use yellow any more :)
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  9. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    I have edited Thomas67 post --> https://www.vuplus-community.net/board/threads/changing-only-splash-screen.21397/page-2#post-259134, now i think is full readable :)

    best regards
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  10. AlexWilMac

    AlexWilMac Moderator

    Many studies about the readability of texts and eyes' health say that a dark theme is much more comfortable for the eyes.
    MacOs itself,for instance, has introduced a whole dark mode in the last Mojave O.S. and many browsers and apps are complying to this philosophy day after day.
    But even in other O.S. a dark background makes text easy to be read.
    Finally, black means pixels switched OFF, white means pixel switched ON and that dramatically shortens the displays' life.
    My advice is to give up with white backgrounds.
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  11. fullfta3

    fullfta3 Vu+ Newbie

    For me it's the same it doesn't work for VU+ Uno 4K.
  12. AlexWilMac

    AlexWilMac Moderator

    ??? What is the same?
    What doesn't work. Six years ago the great Eragon explained how simple is to replace the splash screen.
    Only you need to take attention is to have and identical structure for your file: you can't use whatever picture in whatever format.