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News MultiStream on Vu+

Discussion in 'Vu+ Open Embedded & Firmware Develop' started by angelofsky1980, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. satosk

    satosk Vu+ Newbie

    Hello everybody,

    I`ve contacted Athoik as he`s the one behind Mutistream/T2-MI project on OpenPLI and SatDreamGR. He is the one who made it work and implemented his ideas and passion to images ordinary users can use and enjoy on everyday basis.
    I deeply asked him to help us to improve our image the way we need it. I`d ask also our members and programmers on this forum to say your "thank you" to him and his know-how if he joins our community. Let him not be our guest only, but a closer friend who help us when we need it the most. :help: We call this forum proudly as VU+ community. A community, where people are welcomed and thanked for what they do here.
    P.S.: Open ATV has implemented drivers recently, too. So take it as a challenge and make this image a bit special again!
    :thanks: Regards Sato
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  2. athoik

    athoik Vu+ Newbie

    Hi guys,

    I know that implementing multistream is now easier thanks to all the people made available their work in public.

    My work was simply to collect all available pieces and place them together.

    In case you are missing any piece of the puzzle let me know.

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  3. satosk

    satosk Vu+ Newbie

    Hi Athoik and welcome to our board. I and I hope others here appreciate your will to help us.
    Maybe there are not too many replies here, but as I can see how many people read this I can tell that people are interested. Guys, please at least click "Like" to say your appreciation. Thanks.
  4. nexx45

    nexx45 Vu+ Newbie

    vu+solo4k and skystar usb hd trt 4k

  5. kapoaug

    kapoaug Vu+ Newbie

    Hi Angelofsky. I have one skystar hd ci usb card. how to install on Vu zero??? i must install the driver manually, or something ellse... It's possible, or not to use on Vu Zero, this card.. Thank you in advance..
  6. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    My Skystar HD USB is the version without CI slot
  7. Lordgothic

    Lordgothic Vu+ Newbie

    hi every body...
    i was readyng all post... its very interesting
    great job from angelofsky1980 sato and athoik from openpli
    interesting reading.... but finally i have a question
    tbs5925 works with openpli in vu+ solo 4k or only in vu+ zero/uno
    actually i have vu+ solo 4k with blackhole 3.0.3 but if openpli works with tbs5925 ill changed.. because im interest in buy one tbs5925
    thanks in advanced to all crew! youre great
  8. MiTkO

    MiTkO Vu+ Newbie

    A few months ago replaced my Dreambox 800HD with V+ ZERO thinking I would get a little bit in speed but to keep all the features and functions as well, i was greatly deceived.
    Instead of getting something more, I got less, yes it's MULTISTREAM from tuner! Used to watch a 1ch. through the DM800, and another over VLC from the same transponder.
    I miss MULTISTREAM so much, and if I do not see support for V+ receivers, I will throw it in the trash and I will return back my Dreambox 800HD, this is how I am disappointed.
    Stories that tuner or Broadcom BCM 7362 does not support MULTISTREAM are lies for children! To be clearer, works just fine when you watch same on V+ and stream on VLC,
    The problem is not able to stream other channels that are on the same transponder, not from another frequency, not from another polarization or satellite ... The SAME PACKAGE
    BlackHole using for years, it works within limits of the expected but MULTISTREAM is undoubtedly "MUST HAVE" I do not intend to buy additional USB tuners to achieve this goal.
    if I'm forced to do this, definitely will install a Linux server with several PCIe cards on the PC and instead of 2 channels, I will watch 50+ channels at the same time, am I clearer?
    In that case I will not need a satellite receivers Ultimo, Duo etc with 2 tuners or 3 tuners but 5-10 times cheaper IPTV network receivers or simply install VLC everywhere...
  9. Ev0

    Ev0 Administrator

    I suggest you contact vu+ at www.vuplus.com with you demands.

    Nothing the BH team can do for you
  10. MiTkO

    MiTkO Vu+ Newbie

    Of course Ev0, my revolt is aimed at V+
    I've already mentioned, my first choice is "Black Hole" Image no matter which hardware will be...
  11. Ev0

    Ev0 Administrator

    The Black Hole team only support Vu+ products.

    So you are kind of in a catch22 right now.
  12. Venc

    Venc Vu+ Newbie

    I've actually ordered Octagon SF-4008 and I hope it will get quite different results. Not so polished as VU+ which I already have, but the capabilities, including S2X made it to some new level.
  13. coconut

    coconut Vu+ Newbie

    New Vu+uno 4k SE he knows the reception
    multistream ?

  14. Ev0

    Ev0 Administrator

    No the specs changed.

    Only box from Vu+ is the Zero 4K that has mutlistream at the moment
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  15. dingo31

    dingo31 Vu+ Newbie

    quote : TBS 5925 & 5980 do the job perfectly in OpenPLi and SatDreamGR images, so I hope that with your and other BH Driver specialists` help we can make it work on BH, too! quote

    May we have any tutorial about installing TBS 5925 or TBS 5520 on the Vu+ ?
    Thank you