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PVR Addons not avaliable?

Discussion in 'Kodi & Black Hole' started by Zengari, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Zengari

    Zengari Vu+ User

    Can someone tell me how l can install PVR addons?? or is that not possible?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. cineq

    cineq Vu+ Newbie

    It would be interesting to try to use enigma pvr client addon connected to local stb :) It should work. I assume these addons haven't been compiled in current beta release.
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  3. Zengari

    Zengari Vu+ User

    Thanks for answer. l have tried the addon enigma pvr but l am gettind error that l have to fill in the blanks in settings. l have done it , maybe l am missing something:unsure:
  4. Marcus4Aspern

    Marcus4Aspern Vu+ Newbie

    How did you get the addon?
  5. el bandido

    el bandido Vu+ User

    The PVR addons do not work for me, but I expect them to be added or fixed soon. IMO, do not waste time trying to add them or get them working now. Wait for an update or two.
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  6. Supermario

    Supermario Vu+ User

    Hi Guys

    Any news or update on PVR client or VUplus E2 client.

    I have seen this on Youtube
    Admin./Mod please delete link if it is against the rules of the forum.


    Please can someone translate it in English. I can see the movies on Movies HD but they dont play.
    Any solution guys.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2015