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[SatipClient] Add new plugin.

Discussion in 'VuPlus DvbApp Git' started by VuPlus Git, Jun 23, 2015.

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  1. VuPlus Git

    VuPlus Git Vu+ Newbie

    [SatipClient] Add new plugin.

    • [DH] configure.ac
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/Makefile.am
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/SatipClient/Makefile.am
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/SatipClient/__init__.py
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/SatipClient/keymap.xml
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/SatipClient/meta/Makefile.am
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/SatipClient/meta/plugin_satipclient.xml
    • [DH] lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/SatipClient/plugin.py

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.