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Vu+ Uno tested for you

Discussion in 'Vu+ General HowTo & Guides' started by >>Artorius<<, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. >>Artorius<<

    >>Artorius<< >>English Admin<<

    VU+ UNO

    We are proud to present the latest from the home of VuPlus, The Vu+Uno!
    The now established Korean company will shortly start distribution of the model that will replace the entry level Vu + Solo.
    When placed in competition with rival decoders it emerged the winner in both performance and budget .


    It arrives in an plain cardboard box (these are the first productions so not the final packaging), within which we find our "Uno" perfectly protected and wrapped in a soft cloth, the remote supplied with the box is equal to that supplied with the other two Vu+ products.
    Included with the package will be a universal remote capable of operating the satellite decoder and TV, two AAA batteries, power cord, HDMI cable and the cable to connect the hard disk already assembled with the power cord and their mounting screws.

    Technical Specifications:


    From the outside the box is very different from the previous models with an appearance for more elegant and appealing.
    The display is integrated into the front of black shiny plastic making the VFD display much more readable than that of the Vu + Duo, on the right hand side we have the name Vu + Uno and directly under that the official Dolby Digital Plus name and logo.
    On the left we find the round hologram feature of Vu+ products hiding the access door to the compartment where there are 2 Common Interface slots, 2 Conax embedded card readers and a convenient USB 2.0 port

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At the bottom we find the buttons to change channel (which should be used with this release as we will see to flash the receiver with the USB), adjust the volume and set the box into stand-by.


    We come now to the rear:


    Starting from the left as we view we have the ON / OFF switch, the power input with a removable power cord, and a nice fan managed by firmware.


    In the middle stands the P & P tuner, which in the model in question has the DVB-S2 with pass-through, which is fixed to the chassis with a bolt that ensures stability. This can be replaced with the option of a DTT tuner if required.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As we move across to the right we have inevitable scart and above this the composite output, next the HDMI and e-Sata, really handy for those who want to connect an external hard drive or a DVD burner, Ethernet, 2 USB 2.0, optical digital audio output, and lastly the serial for those who want to flash with. nfi or forced recovery of the decoder.


    Inside the receiver:
    Looking at the inside of the receiver we can see immediately the perfect arrangement of the components and ease of access for the installation of a hard disk drive, as you can see from images it can be either 3.5 " to 2.5 ". The interior is very spacious and this facilitates the dissipation of heat. To maintain the temperature of the unit during operation there is a cooling fan located near the power supply unit, which in turn is separated from the rest of the mainboard. After many hours of use, despite the presence of a 3.5” hard disk it is almost cold thanks to temperature sensor based automatic fan speed control. Maintaining low temperatures inside the box directly affects the card readers and other components that perform far more efficiently with reduced operating temperature.
    After a day of continuous use the cards tested remained cold and thus work at their best.




    Technical Test:


    After an overview of the hardware it is time to "test drive" this little gem from VuPlus, here we are going to cover the basic set up and functionality of the decoder.
    It is with great anticipation and excitement that we prepare to start using the Uno given the already high level of performance of previous models produced by VuPlus.
    We start the conventional programming of the receiver, for this test we will be installing the latest creation from the BlackHole Team:- BlackHole Vu +Uno 1.6.2.
    The installation of the firmware, as for other models from the VuPlus house is installed via the use of a USB storage device.
    Uploaded the new image on to a USB memory stick, insert it in the USB slot behind the front door of the Vu +Uno and turn on the receiver by switching it on via the ON / OFF switch at the rear.
    Immediately after powering on, with surprise we find that the image does not update automatically unlike other VuPlus devices, but through the bright display, we are asked if we want to upgrade the decoder.
    Confirm the prompt by pressing the button "CH-" at the bottom of the front and in just over a minute the upgrade is complete.
    The boot is very fast and within minutes we configure the decoder for our needs. The impressive speed and response of the Uno is generated by the 400MHz BCM 7413 processor with 3D support and 512 mb of ram.
    Channel switching is fast and the video quality, another pleasant surprise, is clearly superior to previous models and that of all the other competitors who’s decoders I have (virtually all), both SD and HD channels. The new tuner P & P now shows highly sensitive signal level is excellent and there are no problems with tuning.
    Very welcome is the novelty of the DVB-S2 with the pass through which allows you to carry the signal to another receiver without using external dividers.
    To continue our test we used a DTT tuner USB chipset DIB0700 which has been recognized and installed without problems as you can see in the image of the tuner panel.
    The scanning of the channels is completed quickly, and the vision of the channels is smooth and stable as evidenced by the level of the snr.
    The network configuration can be done easily using the integrated ethernet or wifi using a pen type device.


    When it comes to fitting a hard disk drive you can fit either 3.5 "or 2.5", alternatively you can use the e-SATA port on the rear. Then we have to mount the device in the devices panel to enable it to record or view media files. Mkv, divx and avi are a few of the formats which are supported in this the first release.


    It is possible to view multimedia content made available by various servers. UPnP / DLNA via the network using the DJMount client, or you can use your Uno as a UPnP media server using the integrated Mediatomb.


    Very useful is the ability to save and restore your personal configurations, this can be done easily using the plugin "BlackHole Personal Backup" which is present in the recent release of the BH image, with a few clicks you can save and restore your files.


    For the more demanding it is possible to customization the image quality according to your preferences using the video enhancement panel.


    Another feature that enhances the usability of this wonderful decoder is integrated EPG that has a detailed synopsis of the weekly schedule allowing you to manage the recording of your favourite programs.


    In summary:

    Without a doubt we are faced with one of the most interesting products on the market its performance and longevity is guaranteed by the powerful processor and BCM7413 is the considerable allocation of RAM memory (512MB). Then if we add the consideration that the retail price would be around £294 - € 340 we can conclude that the Vu + Uno looks set to secure success in the marketplace and position itself at the top of the class at entry-level. It is a true winner even when compared to much more noble competitors for its excellent facilities and without doubt the best value for money.

    © by lorenzo64 BlackHole Team
    traslate by Artorius

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  2. Nouredine

    Nouredine Vu+ Newbie

    thanks for the prefect presentation cheers man BH is the best ;)
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  3. Dzoni

    Dzoni BH Lover

    Great test ! Thank You colleague !
  4. a911

    a911 The BH Lover

    Well done presentaions!
    What will be the avarage price?
  5. BigEd

    BigEd Vip

    I think the price is around 330 €
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  6. sakisdvb

    sakisdvb BH Lover

    Great News!
    Soon VU+ Uno will be widely available.
  7. rytis

    rytis Vu+ Newbie

    Top box.Ican't wait for vu+ultimo.
  8. Supermario

    Supermario Vu+ User

    Tks for the excellent test/preview of the UNO. I am sure the VUplus team are doing fantastic job :victory:.
    And not forgetting the BH team who provides great images and support:notworthy:.

    Viva Amigos:thanks:.
  9. kabise

    kabise Vu+ Newbie

    anyone knows where can i buy in Italy?

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  10. BigEd

    BigEd Vip

    it is still to soon;)
  11. George1979

    George1979 BH Lover

    On their Facebook account they say :
  12. DanielFran

    DanielFran BH Lover

    Great presentation, great receiver!

    It is a pan that we do not have yet a receiver with USB3... I do not know if it yet possible!
  13. el_zari

    el_zari BH Lover

    Thanks for your post!!

    A question: HDMI 1.3 o 1.4a ?

    Regards from Spain
  14. Mito

    Mito Administrator

  15. bojja

    bojja Vu+ User

    After i experienced on my dm500 and dm800,now i ordered a vu+uno and i am still waiting to see this masterpiece receiver in my hand.Thanks to Vu+
  16. chulbul

    chulbul BH Lover

  17. SkyNet

    SkyNet Vu+ Newbie

    Will it be available in July?
  18. Mito

    Mito Administrator

    It's already available on some online shop.
  19. satspock

    satspock BH Lover

    just orderd it in germany,three years warranty.
    299 euro
  20. SkyNet

    SkyNet Vu+ Newbie

    Can you please share it with us?