What size of hard disk is supported by Duo2 ?


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Does anyone know how big of hard disk is supported by Duo 2? What is the max output current for Hard disk power supply from the original power supplier? I think to replace my old hard disk with a new large one, such as 2T. It would be very appreciated if you could offer any suggestion or experience.


I have an old 1.5TB running in my VU+ Duo 2, taken from my PC, so I shouldn't think there would be a problem with a 2TB.
Which make/model are you thinking of installing?


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Thanks @Mick12334 , I have not bought yet. If Duo2 have enough power supply and software also supported, I think to buy a 2T, 3T or 4T. In general, I would like to buy a larger one because it will save me clean up the Hard disk. But I had bad experience for my other boxes ( dead because of power supplier gone, someone told me because I used a large disk and the power supplier works too hard. I am not sure about this). I just read a few articles about the HDD, it seems okey for up to 4T. I am waiting for more suggestions. Would you have any good HDD for recommend?


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Disco interno/Internal disk. 3.5" good and cheap.

VU+ DUO2 OK...3TB ..... 6TB.....8TB...OK.
Importante, el disco que pongas que tenga pocos dB ó molestara el ruido.
Important, the disk that you put that has few dB or disturb the noise.

3TB.-Toshiba DT01ACA300 3TB 28dB
6TB.- WD WD60EZRZ 6 TB 28dB
8TB.- WD WD80PUZX 8 TB 29dB

NAS discs are cheaper, but from 34dB to 38dB of noise, from 28 to 29dB you can see 1dB more, the disc is already audible to my ear.
Los discos de NAS son mas baratos, pero de 34dB a 38dB de ruido, de 28 a 29dB se nota 1dB mas, ya es audible el disco para mi oido.

In Spain for the heat issue in summer and the low ventilation of the VU DUO2, I have 2xfan 1000rpm 12V placed underneath, glued to the top by pumping air.
On top of the hard drive I have another fan of the same type, attached to the top of the air outlet, so I keep the equipment within normal safety margins, the fan indicated is very quiet, on the computer that I have the NAS the disk is 28dB and it is heard Perfectly that difference of 2 dB of noise,
Inside I have a power supply 12 Volts 1amp. Connected to the main switch that powers the fans.
Perform a temperature control with 4 sensors (CPU, disk, temperature sensor of the VU +, tuner) and it is not necessary to put electronics that control the fans.
En España por el tema del calor en verano y la poca ventilacion del VU+DUO2, Tengo 2 ventiladores de 1000rpm puestos por debajo, pegados a la tapa metiendo aire.
Encima del disco duro tengo otro ventilador igual, pegado a la tapa sacando aire, asi mantengo el equipo dentro de unos margenes de seguridad normales, el ventilador indicado es muy silencioso, en el equipo que tengo el NAS el disco es de 28dB y se escucha perfectamente esa diferencia de 2 dB de ruido,
Por dentro tengo una fuente de alimentacion 12 Voltios 1amp. conectada al interruptor general que alimenta los ventiladores.
Realice un control de temperaturas con 4 sensores (CPU, disco, sensor de temperatura del VU+, tuner) y no hace falta poner electronica que controle los ventiladores.

The 8TB ended up in a VU + DUO2 as recordings disk and network NAS.
Recommended to put a 1000rpm fan under the disc, with this model, you will not have problems with height (100mmx100mmx12mm), just cut out the support of one of the corners (Scythe Kaze Jyu Slim 1000).
El de 8TB termino en un VU+DUO2 como disco de grabaciones y NAS en red.
Recomendado poner un ventilador de 1000rpm debajo del disco, con este modelo, no tendras problemas con la altura (100mmx100mmx12mm), solo recortar el soporte de una de las esquinas (Scythe Kaze Jyu Slim 1000).

According to uploaded image, with 3TB or more disks, does not count the correct participation in automatic.
You need to do / find the Identifier of the partition to map and modify the file..fstab
Segun imagen cargada, con discos de 3TB o mas, no encuenta la participacion correcta en automatico.
Necesitas hacer/averiguar el Identificativo de la partición a mapear y modificar el fichero..fstab

Remember that if the tuner is double, it gets very hot/Recuerda que los tuner si son dobles, se calientam mucho..
Here the CPU after playing/Aqui la CPU despues de jugar.


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The consumption of newer, newer discs is lower/El consumo de los discos mas modernos nuevos, es mas bajo.

Consumption similar, no problem/Consumos similares, no hay problema.

2'5" 320GB 5V: 700 mamp.
2'5" 1TB 5V: 1000 mamp. (MQ01ABD100)
3'5" 500GB 5V: 720 mamp. 12V: 520mamp. Against older, but consumes/Contra mas viejo, mas consume.
3'5" 3TB 5V: 430 mamp. 12V: 740mamp. (DT01ACA300 3TB)
3'5" 6TB 5V: 600 mamp. 12V: 450mamp. (WD WD60EZRZ 6 TB)
3'5" 8TB 5V: 440 mamp. 12V: 550mamp. (WD WD80PUZX 8 TB)

Clarification 1000 mamp. Is equal to 1Amp. (logical).
Aclaracion 1000 mamp. es igual a 1Amp. (logico).


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Thanks @Tururu for the rich information. I think I can buy at least a 4TB harddisk for my box. I do have a twin tuner which is quite hot if the box runs for long time. It should be better and safe to add an extra fan, I think if the power supply broad is powerful enough. I did not follow your procedure to connect the fan to the power supplier. Do you mean you add an extra power supplier or use the original power supplier? If you use the original power supplier, would you please tell me more how to connect fan to the power supplier? Is there a spare 12 V power connector?

Thanks in advance


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Check the noise of the disc you want to put, that does not go beyond 29dB.

In the DUO2 I added an extra source for the fans, connected to the cables of the general switch, not to touch the power of the equipment.
The recommended fan is 12V and 0.09 amp.
If you want to connect it to the disk power, the yellow wire is + 12V and the negative black.
The discs always keep below 60 ° C.

The tuners have the normal temperature, if it works 1 tuner, on 30ºC the connector F, if the 2 tuner, on 33ºC.
It looks hot the connector F, with the 2 tuner running burning, are your fingers (The tips of the fingers) that are at 26-28ºC (they are cold).
Revisa el ruido del disco que quieres poner, que no pase de 29dB.

En el DUO2 añadi una fuente extra para los ventiladores, conectada a los cables del interruptor general, para no tocar la alimentacion del equipo.
El ventilador recomendado es de 12V y 0.09 amp.
Si lo quieres conectar a la alimentacion del disco, el cable amarillo es +12V y el negro negativo.
Los discos mantener siempre por debajo de 60ºC.

Los sintonizadores tiene la temperatura normal, si funciona 1 tuner, sobre 30ºC el conector F, si funcionan los 2 tuner, sobre 33ºC.
Parece caliente el conetor F, con los 2 tuner funcionando quema, son tus dedos (las llemas de los dedos) que estan a 26-28ºC (estan frios).

Specifications: SY1012SL12L
14.5dBA / 15.23CFM = 25 m³/h / 12V / 0.09A (1000 rpm Version)

Simple tuner.

Dual/Twin Tuner.
1 working tuner, blue plate temperatures.
2 working tuner, Green plate temperatures (+3ºC).

General view/Vista General


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Thank you very much for your kind help and information @Tururu . I will buy a 3TB or 4TB quite drive and make the disk working then I will add an extra fan.


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Sorry to hijack a old post but the hard drive size have substantially increased from this post and i need some info! i love the file SMB of my vu duo2. Its had 8tb for years and worked fine. Sadly though i need an upgrade so i thought id upgrade it to a 20tb(!!!!) Sata hard drive which is the biggest available currently available. Using it on windows is effortless. In the vuduo2 , no matter what firmware i use, or whether i choose ext4 or ext3 formatting, or multiple partitions(surprisingly the firmware does this) the drive refuses to mount. The error messages vary dependent on firmware but look a lot like the attachment. Sadly and shamefully my linux knowledge is very weak.

1. Has anyone out there got a 20tb drive to work on their vuduo2?

2. Has anyone got a 20tb drive to work on any similar digibox?

3. If the answer to either above is yes, what method did you use and more critically which firmware? If any one has an answer id be exceptionally greatful.

Many thanks!!


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formatted in the box ? EXT4 should work according german sites.They also mention you loose several MB on the drive.Otherwise make it a
NAS drive


Here, I think, your problem is different: if you really need such a huge storage, it means you store on it many files you want to archive, otherwise 8Tb already filled for temporary recordings doesn't add up.
But, it seems to you that an HDD is eternal. It's not.
I've got a lot of contents saved, many even personal video file, of my family life, and I can't rely in... a fragile HDD: sooner or later it'll die.
My important contents are on a NAS with, obviously, two disks in Raid 1 (that's the the minimum level of safety). It has already happened once that one of them two failed and I replaced without problems. This is what NAS are designed for.
This is my advice. So the question is not only the size but the redundancy.
The biggest size you can use is 16tb. That's the limit set by the kernel.
You can use the disk if you splitt it into 2 partion where the largest is not bigger then 16tb


Interesting, Thomas!
But, the fact is I think is mad to use such a big disk to host, as a single device, the user's files. If it dies, all your archive does.


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All, thanks very much for the replies very greatful.

@bellejt formatting is not a prob but it doesnt like the block size.

@Alexwilmac thanks for the reply. Yeh i loved using my vu duo for telly, nas samvba storage and vid playing, and it uses so little electricity for something that does so much! Your right though, although it uses more electricity i shud use a nas box instead but i love the integration. I am mad lol but, it has worked over the last couple of years!

@Thomas67 thats the answer i was looking for and fully explains it. I guess it means consideriny a smaller drive. Splitting it didnt work though. Again it formats, it partitions but doesnt mount.

Im predicting theres no quick fix for this so ive decided to downgrade back to 8tb and short term put the 20tb in a low power windows machine to act like a server with my retro games ( Drive works effortless there) when i can afford it i'll get a 16tb

Many many thanks for all your answers this community is amazing and im really greatful for all the help.


My NAS is not only "connected" to my 4 VU+ boxes, but to the whole LAN, of course.
You are concerned about power consumption and so your solution is to use a PC as file server? With horrible windows, even?!?
Your solutions are really peculiar, let me say so... ;)

The NAS in my LAN is so transparent in its use that also my 7 y.o. daughter is able to browse its contents by the OBH GUI.
Obviously, if you, instead, use BH or VTi as your image, you are chained up to their huge limits in just browsing your folders and devices...


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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone in this post. Just to confirm ive finally managed to get some spare cash for a single toshiba 16tb drive and it effortlessly worked!!!

a big thank you to @Thomas67 especially as his advice was spot on. 16tb is the max.

with the 20tb i did try partitioning it with the blackhole image but it wud fail and would recommend anyone out there not to go over 16tb.

seasons greetings and have a happy new year!